In Japanese, the word Quon literally means the eternal flow of time. When it comes to our trucks, “eternal flow of time” refers to our evolutionary growth from the past to the future together with you, our customers. We believe that this allows us to provide you with the ultimate level of reliability through our products and services, paving the “Road to Your Success”. We have incorporated this philosophy to further highlight the fact that our trucks are the result of comprehensive studies of our past experiences within the industry, and that we strive to grow together with our customers. In essence, this means that the Quon delivers the advantages of premium quality of every conceivable feature as a means of supporting your highest expectations.
Quon leads the way with its driveability and overall efficiency, maintaining UD Trucks’ commitment to provide transport operators with the lowest lifecycle costs possible. The Quon range has always been designed and developed as a “smart worker” – a truck that works intelligently as part of a profitable transport solution. The range’s design fuses UD Trucks’ tradition of environmentally friendly technology, with the smartness and stalwart power of a new-generation working truck that is endowed with high levels of intelligence.

The new generation Quon is the result of years of meticulous research and development across the world.   Tailor-made for African road and operating conditions, the models launched locally are the culmination of extensive customer feedback and local engineering trials. Focus areas included driveability, the transmission systems and overall economy, and after thousands of kilometres of testing, UD Trucks believes the new Quon range also adheres to stringent local requirements.






The Quon is powered by the highly fuel efficient GH13 engine, in the ranges of 270-360 kW variations to suit each particular application and market requirement. The high power and torque performance delivered by the GH13 engine, combined with a flat torque curve at peak output, reduces the amount of shifting required by the transmission. Extra Engine Brake (EEB) is available as an option which can automatically shift down through gears for more effective engine braking, resulting in easier driving such as long haul downhill highways. The GH13 engine is designed to deliver smooth driving under any driving situation, such as hilly roads, long haul intercity journeys or any type of rough roads. Oil and fuel filters have been designed to be located around the bottom of the engine, all close together for easier maintenance. The filter capacity has been increased for longer intervals between maintenance and servicing. The entire power train has been designed to be more environmentally-friendly and improve fuel efficiency, at levels that clearly exceed the requirements of Euro3 regulations.


One of the strength of the new Quon range undoubtedly lies with the transmission. The CW models come with either a MTS75D 7-speed, VO514B 14-speed or the A0261D automated manual transmissions.  Only the manual boxes are synchromesh-type and features power shift, whereas the AMTs are non-synchromesh-type with improved PTO capabilities and innovative protection devices. There is also overrun protection on the 14-speed gearboxes, as well a planet gear with range lock function on the 14-speed transmission. The new automated manual transmission, offers 2-pedal or clutch less operation through the innovative 12-speed ESCOT V gearshift mechanism.


The Quon CW cabin has been designed for the ultimate in driver comfort and safety, and provides southern African drivers the tools for easier day-to-day operation. The cabin offers a wide field of view, while the solid surrounding provides a sense of security to the driver. This not only allows the driver to focus their concentration on the road, but also reduces fatigue on long-haul journeys. The Quon CW cabin is mounted on a 4-point wide tread air suspension mounting system, which improves cabin stability and enhancing overall driving comfort. The design helps to limit the cabin from rolling when the truck is turning, and the anti-nosedive geometry ensures stability of the cabin even under harsh braking.

Chassis/ Suspension

The chassis packaging of the new Quon range was rearranged to achieve more commonality and uniformity across the range. Special off-road chassis packaging is available.


Thompson Motors has an extremely proud family heritage, starting in the 1950’s in Pietermaritzburg.  We were agents for Nissan, Datsun and UD Triucks. Clive Thompson then spread his wings and opened Nissan in Shelly Beach in December 1974.