Pure sporting pleasure

Design to enhance performance

Wider wings with air extraction at the front, custom bumper and F1 splitter, functional rear diffuser, central exhaust, exclusive Orange Tonic and Sirius Yellow colours, and more. With 18" Estoril or 19" Interlagos wheel rims, sills with flat base effect and R.S. Vision headlights, New MEGANE R.S. appeals to your inner pilot.
Interior design

A brand new sporty interior

Sporty dashboard, black headliner with red highlights: New MEGANE R.S. demonstrates its character. Immerse yourself in a new sporting dimension with seats offering perfect support, specific steering wheel with mounted paddles, and an aluminium pedal unit.
Exterior design

A wider front

In the front, the new wider bumper includes an F1 splitter to channel the airflow, feed the exchangers and cool the engine. Its beehive grille and specific R.S. Vision lighting draw a lot of attention.

A brand new profile

On the sides, sculpted and sensual volumes inspired by New MEGANE hatch ensure a visual connection between the front and the rear. Its air extractors, flared sills and black splitter instil it with a Renault Sport aesthetic.

An aerodynamic rear

The new specific rear bumper, which has also been widened, includes many F1-inspired features. Twin central exhaust pipe, functional diffuser for aerodynamic support, side air outlets on the bumper to channel airflows, redesigned spoiler to balance behaviour, etc. Performance is not an accident.
Technical features

Additional Full LED R.S. Vision headlamps.

Renault Sport technology, the R.S. Vision multi-reflector LED system offers high-performance lighting. In the shape of a chequered flag, it includes 4 features: fog lights, lighting the road into bends, position lamps and long-range lights.
4372 mm
Overall length
1874 mm
Overall width without wing mirrors
Ready to take it for a spin?

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